Cardinals Mailbag: Putting your fantasy league under the hammer


Since the NFL doesn’t have much going on now, other than Warren Sapp reportedly stiffing a waitress with a tip, we’re going to make this edition of the Cardinals mailbag another fantasy edition. Submit questions to us on our Facebook page or on Twitter @Cover32_ARI. Here’s this week’s question:

What do you think about a fantasy league doing an auction draft? –David in Mesa

David, that’s a great question and one that a lot of fantasy leagues should be thinking about. Imagine a fantasy team with LeSean McCoy, Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham. It’s a possibility in an auction draft and we all know it would never happen in a league with a traditional “snake” draft.

The pros and cons are pretty simple to lay out.

Pro: Anything is possible for a team, teams can be built in any order desired, correct preparation yields amazing results

Con: Longer draft times, takes incredible amounts of strategy and patience, requires more prep time before the draft

We’ll take a longer look at auction draft strategy as we get closer to to the end of the month and more data builds up on auction values.

To answer the question, it’s a much better way to get the draft done. If you have an owner who gets the first overall pick and he has a man-crush on Player X, you know there’s no way you’ll ever get to see him on your team this season in a snake format. Additionally, in snake formats you have to wait a prescribed number of picks before you get to make your selections. There are some advantages to being at the end of the rounds while the middle is a virtual no man’s land.

Auctions differ in that regard. I’ve seen auctions where the first player nominated…was a kicker, Jay Feely of the Cardinals to be exact. Imagine the wrath your league would give you if you took a kicker in the first round. There’s nothing wrong with waiting until your desired player comes up and spending a good amount of your auction money on him.

You might be able to get four players in a row or you could not get a player on your team in the first 50 that go off the board. Each could realistically happen in an auction. Players will fall through the cracks in auction drafts and you could find bargains late in an auction that might be gone in the middle rounds of a snake draft.

In my opinion, auctions are the fairest way to do a draft. Everyone has their own strategy and their own set of values they place on players. It gives you much more control over how you build your roster and, in turn, whether you can succeed in your league this season.

When we talk about auction strategy, we’ll give you the story of which Green Bay Packer I won for $3 with the 157th pick in a draft…while on the toilet. Yes, he was key to me winning that league two years ago.


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