Denver Broncos and New England Patriots control their own destiny in the AFC


Two teams dominated the AFC during the entire 2013 regular season: the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. Two teams played in the AFC championship game: the Broncos and the Patriots.

Will next season be the same? Will these two teams control the AFC again both in the regular season and postseason and leave the other teams out of the race?

Bryce Olin on Fansided compares the AFC to the Eastern Division of the NBA, but instead of the Miami Heat dominating, it’s the Patriots and the Broncos.

Olin says the only way other teams can knock off these two AFC favorites is the injury or decline of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. The two teams who could possibly compete with these heavyweights are the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals, but even they seem like long shots.

Fans of the Broncos and Patriots can be assured that for now, their team is in the driver’s seat of the AFC. Fans of the conference’s other teams? Good luck.

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    Living in Sedona, Az. We don’t get much information about the broncos. The NFL PACKAGE sure helps.