Dissecting Scott Chandler…


In the 2014 NFL Draft a lot of us got swindled into thinking that we needed Ebron because he was supposed to be the guy we took at #9. A lot of us forget that we have a star Tight End on the roster if we know how to use him correctly. Scott Chandler has been a very strong player since he first got to Buffalo, when EVERYTHING clicked with him. He very quickly became a staple in an exciting Chan Gailey offense and before suffering a season ending injury after 9 games he quickly added 6 TDs. In 2012 he scored another 6 TDs and despite inconsistent QB play he was our leading receiver in 2013 with a pair of scores.

He generally is sure handed and runs seam routes very well, which we as a team need to take advantage of next season, which could mean we could get a monster season from Chandler in 2014.

Here are a couple of breakdowns of Chandler’s scores this season:

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Here he is in the 4th quarter against the Jets, 3rd and 7 from the 33 yard line.


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Chandler gets one on one and has deceitful speed for a 6’7″ TE, he uses a move at the right time and catches the defender watching EJ.


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EJ reads the play perfectly and the defense is spread out of it’s zone, Chandler catches this ball with nothing but space and takes it in for the score.

Here is his other touchdown in the 4th quarter of the Cincinnati game:

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4th and long situation, Cincinnati, Chandler moves in motion across the line.

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The move creates a mismatch, as Cincinatti blitzes the corner and leaves Chandler 1 on 1 with a DE, who he runs around as Thad makes the read.
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Chandler makes the grab and runs it in for the score. Another very simple play.

Chandler is very good at what he does. He is a huge target that blocks a lot better than the Buffalo media would lead you to believe and also has deceptive speed that makes up for his lack of quickness. He will be a powerful part of the game this year as Watkins, Williams and Woods are eating up coverage and safety help. You can expect a big year out of him.

But what would happen if we actually dissected Scott Chandler? One thing that has become very clear throughout his time here is that Scott Chandler is in fact a reptilian being from another planet. Chandler has consistently shown ability to be a big time player then it conveniently gets toned down when he gets national coverage as his mother ship is clearly telling him to settle down before he is found out. The truth must be told, and now that the truth is out about Scott Chandler, we can expect 12 TDs and 1,000 yards from the man with the perfect family, life and personality…

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Scott, we love you no matter what. Now that you know that we know, it’s time to be yourself and help this community overcome the heartbreak we have endured for years upon years. Thank you in advance from the most loyal group of fans your species will ever know.

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