Former Raiders consultant: Rolando McClain had worst atittude of any player he met


Former Oakland Raiders first round draft pick Rolando McClain has retired and come out of retirement more often than JaMarcus Russell goes to McDonalds. Ok, that is literally not possible since McClain would have to retire a couple hundred times a day, but you get my point.

After retiring from the Baltimore Ravens twice, his rights were traded to the Dallas Cowboys. In exchange, the teams swapped 6th and 7th round picks in 2015 with the Ravens moving up from the 7th to the 6th round. Not a lot of compensation but not bad considering there were no plans to use McClain at all.

But the most interesting piece of news to come out of this was a comment from former Raiders camp consultant Chuck Smith. He worked with the Raiders in training camp back in 2011 when McClain was still with the team. When news of the trade broke yesterday, this is what Smith had to say about McClain via Twitter:

Many, including McClain himself, wanted to believe it was the Raiders’ fault that he was unable to succeed at the next level. But after two attempts and two failures in Baltimore, people began to see that it wasn’t a lack of good coaching, it was a lack of good attitude.

It is a very low risk move for the Cowboys, but fans of the Jerry Jones owned team better hope he has a backup plan because McClain is not the answer to the question created when starting linebacker Sean Lee went down with an injury.

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  • rdrcur

    There are so many more qualified candidates than McClain………there has to be! No way he is worth two draft picks no matter how far down they are. But I guess Jerry’s not being advised accordingly……..still has Romo.