Grade Day: Jake Locker failing as a quarterback?

jake locker of the dominant tennessee titans throws a pass
Jake Locker throws a pass

Just a few days ago I posted a story detailing Ken Whisenhunt’s training and development of Jake Locker as a pocket passer.

He’s had ups and downs, but the systems he’s been put in and lack of leadership has flawed his transition from a top-tier college quarterback to a franchise gunslinger.

ESPN followed that up with a tier ranking of all 32 starting quarterbacks. The results for Locker are underwhelming to say the least:

“31. Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans (4.42 average rating)

The Titans were 4-3 when Locker started last season. He had eight TD passes, four INTs and a respectable 58.1 QBR score. That seemed encouraging, and yet compliments for Locker were scarce.

“Locker never showed from college that he could do it from the pocket,” one GM said.

The hope in Tennessee is that a new coaching staff and better luck with injuries could help Locker ascend to a higher tier. “We’ll see,” a former GM said. “Guys like Locker can be run-around guys. To me, Jake’s die has been cast.”

Locker snags a below average grade from the 26 insiders around the league, but lets hear what you have to say.

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  • Ed Street

    I think you “Raj” and a number of your “colleagues” are truly a bunch of idiotic assholes! All you ever do is talk bad of the Titans, and I for one am sick of it!!! You truly do not know what talking about! When Jake got hurt last year, he had the team @ 3 and 1! Yes he came back to play a few more games, but he was NOT at a 100% at any of his other games! So don’t tell me he’s the 31st ranked quarter back in this league, because here it is, 2014 and I am so excited for Jake and the rest of the Tennessee Titans to kick some major butt this year. The Titans are going to make the playoffs, and we will make some noise when the Titans get there.
    In closing, I would just like it if you and your “reporting buddies” would just kiss my ass, As well all the naysayers the Titans have!!! Especially you Raj Prashad, Go pick at some other teams, or are you exclusively “BASH THE TITANS? Again Raj Prashad, Kiss My Ass!!!

  • Ruben Ray

    The Guy has had 3 different coordinator in 3 yrs. let the man be in same off. for a couple of years and throw those short screens and quick passes to wr. and rb like TOm Brady who at one point had the worst qb rating behind Tim Tebow of passes over 20yds but he still the greatest (not) .Jake is a hard worker and is studing his butt off with Ken system I think Jake will flourish , just got to stay injury free that s it .