Grade Day: Drew Brees' pregame huddle for US Soccer


Drew Brees is known for his rousing pre-game speeches before Saints’ games, often involving a military theme.

It’s no secret that Brees is a big fan of USA soccer, just check his twitter feed. Before their game against Germany released a video of one of Brees’ famous pre-game huddles in concert to some images from the USMNT.

The video was good, but a little hokey for my taste. I would have loved to see a new, World Cup oriented pre-game huddle recorded by Brees specifically for this occasion. Or a video of the USMNT mimicking Brees’ pre-game ritual before one of their games. Or, best of all, Brees leading a pre-game huddle with the USMNT in typical Saints fashion (be still my beating heart).

Overall, the video pumped me up (which was the goal, I’m sure) so I can’t be too critical, but there is clearly room for improvement.


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