Jets running back Chris Johnson says he is “very close” to 100 percent


Jets running back Chris Johnson agrees with his positions coach Anthony Lynn — that the team will will “feed the hot hand” in 2014.

“Once the season starts and once we’re playing and I’m doing my thing, I’m pretty sure if I’m making plays they’re going to want to keep handing the ball off to me,” Johnson said. “If they want me to continue making plays, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that if I’m on the sideline.”

Johnson’s comments came just days after Anthony Lynn said the Jets would be “strategic” with how they use no. 21. You can read the full article on here.

Johnson suffered a torn meniscus in 2013, as a member of the Tennessee Titans. He spoke about his health, saying he is “very close” to 100 percent.

Johnson sat down with to discuss his recovery-in-progress.

“I wouldn’t label myself at 100 percent, but (I’m) very close,” he said. “In the 90s.”

He went on to say that Dr. James Andrews “pretty much cleared” him during a recent visit. The glass looks half-full for Johnson, as his recovery appears on schedule. Both he and the Jets are playing it conservatively, so that the running back is healthy enough for the start of the 2014 regular season.

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