Mailbag: Who ends up starting at running back for the New Orleans Saints?


Nick, it seems like the Saints have a stable of horses at running back, but I need one pony to bet on. Who do I go with? – Fantasy Fred, Lafayette 

Fred, let me start off by saying if this is regarding fantasy football then I’d stay away from the Saints’ “stable” of backs entirely. Sean Payton is notorious for utilizing multiple backs in ways that are not prone to fantasy greatness, minus Darren Sproles. I see rookie wide receiver Brandin Cooks filling Sproles role, and thus the running back position becomes devalued.

Overall, I think Khiry Robinson is the best pure back on the team; however, I believe Mark Ingram looked much improved by the end of the year and he will likely start the year in the backfield for the Saints opening drive in Atlanta. Of course there is always old dependable Pierre Thomas, but this feels like the year Robinson takes over as the primary backup back. So I would say Ingram is your starter, Robinson is your backup, and Thomas fills the holes from there.

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