Marshawn Lynch hangs out with major league legend


So this is pretty awesome news for crossover sports fans. Last night Marshawn Lynch appeared on Fox Sports’ new show “Back of the Shop,” wherein sports legends hang out in a barber shop and shoot the breeze.

Joining Lynch were Major League Baseball greats Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis. They talked about a number of things. The best part came when Lynch lamented having to play in an age of media saturation.


“Y’all got to live a different lifestyle,” said Lynch. “See, they think this is living now – I’ve got this, and go take a picture. But see, the living to me would have been, I’m going to do my thing, I’m going to wake up in the morning, ain’t got to worry about going on the internet and somebody saying this and that, and now everybody and their mama is questioning me because I’m a grown-ass man, and I was doing grown-ass man things.”

Quote of the year?

Also, because the best way to understand life is through Simpsons references:




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