The debate on Ryan Tannehill continues


It is July 2nd and training camp is just around the corner, that being said in terms of football talk most of the discussion is just recycled topics that began at the beginning of the off season.

Speaking of recycled topics the talk of whether Ryan Tannehill being a potential top 10 QB could go on for ages.

Recently Mike Sando of had 26 anonymous coaches & co rank EVERY starting QB and Ryan Tannehill ranked in at 23rd overall in the tier 3. Tier 3 QB’s included Newton, Cutler, Dalton, Palmer, Bradford, Smith and RG3.

Here was Sando’s explanation on the Tannehill ranking:

A pro personnel director put Tannehill in the second tier, but a defensive coordinator whose team faced the Dolphins was not convinced. Either way, Tannehill needs better blocking. “To me, he is a manager of the game, a guy where if everything is right, he is OK,” the defensive coordinator said. “We didn’t fear him. I don’t think he has the strongest arm, the best release. When you ask me about guys, I think about how I have to game plan against them. Am I afraid of them?” One pro personnel evaluator placed Tannehill in the second tier, predicting good things for the third-year pro behind an upgraded line and within an up-tempo offense.

PFF however has much more positive numbers on Tannehill having him ranked as the 5th best QB in 2013 with a +20.2 grade.


The debate on Ryan Tannehill isn’t expected to end any time soon until he either impresses or disappoints in 2014.

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  • Coxy1

    I think Tannehill is better than most of the younger QB’s but he definitely needs a better front line. That is what will decide where he ranks. The line he had last yr was pathetic, yet he still won more than he lost. He’s got the talent to take the dlDolphins to the next level.