Warren Sapp continues to excel at acting like a child, does not tip on $69 bill


Anyone who watched Warren Sapp play for the Oakland Raiders knows he only cares about himself and no one else. So much so that he has no problem seeking to have his child support lowered despite making $82 million in his playing career and also landing a job post retirement as a TV “analyst”. So it is no surprise to find out that he stiffed a waitress on a bill while watching the USA World Cup match, writing “Boys don’t tip” on the bill in a childish effort to add insult to injury.

For those who think it may not have been Warren Sapp who acted so childishly, you can rest assured since he openly admitted to it on his Twitter account:

It is hilarious to me that Sapp attempts to justify acting like a child by saying he only did it because he was called a boy.

Here is the thing. Even if the waitress was ATROCIOUS, you need to be smarter than this if you are in the public eye. Sapp had to know this kind of thing might leak after the Drew Brees tip fiasco. But Sapp was so intent on trying to get back at the waitress that he was fine with taking public scrutiny. Pretty amazing to think of how much satisfaction he must get from screwing others over to be willing to deal with the impending media storm.

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  • Walter Spargo

    (expletive removed) Warren Sapp! I’m sure she didn’t mean the term “boys” as derogatory. Air Force people are often referred to as “boys in blue”. Groups of men assembled are also called boys. Warren Sapp is just a major doucebag and this was nothing more than an excuse for him to be cheap.

    I’ll stop now because He infuriates me so much. This is a family site and it really doesn’t take much from him to set me off!

    • James Arcellana

      hahah breathe Walter, breathe. I’m with you though.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you Bro!! I never thought he was all that great either. Just all mouth.

  • Raider Arlin

    She’s actually lucky she wasn’t eaten by him.

  • Jay

    Just like the Steelers are “Old and Slow”, Warren is “Fat and Broke”.

  • Mike Pida

    C’mon people, Sapp was right. He is’nt a boy, he is a loud mouthed baby..

  • Anonymous