I hate that Aaron Hernandez is still leaching off of the New England Patriots


Everything about Aaron Hernandez makes me sick. To throw your glamorous life away to be a part of the thug life he was given a free pass to escape from, is more than insane.

Now, he somehow has the audacity to ask the New England Patriots, who gave him the world and trusted him, for more money after what he did? I don’t care what he believes was in his contract; there comes a point when you can no longer ask for favors.

According to Hernandez’s lawyer, he’s asking to be paid a $3.25 million signing bonus and another $82,000 he believes is still owed to him from his time in the NFL. Apparently, those murders are finally catching up to him in the form of courtroom costs.

I’m just happy the Patriots put their foot down and told Hernandez to let it go.

“The Patriots believe under the terms of that contract that they owe not another penny to Mr. Hernandez,” Andrew Phelan, the team’s attorney, said during a hearing at the Suffolk Superior Court.

The sooner Hernandez’s sentence is handed out and this story goes away, the better. I’d like to erase him from my memory as soon as possible.

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  • Kris08

    Seems as though you convicted him before a jury did. As far as I know, he’s innocent until proven guilty. To my knowledge, he is still innocent. As a Pats fan myself, I would just like to let he legal process play itself out.

  • talkingbear

    What happens if he is found not guilty? He’s already been tried and convicted in the press thanks to folks like you. What if: what if it turns out that he didn’t kill Odin Lloyd and the other two guys in Boston? What if he didn’t pull the trigger? What if he was there but tried to stop the killing? At this point no one knows what really happened…except maybe Hernandez…maybe. To the best of my knowledge, Hernandez has not made any public statements…ergo…no one has heard his side of it. I wonder how you’d react if it was your brother or your son that was on this kind of a hot seat? And then “leaching off the Patriots?” When did contract issues turn into Leaching? Or maybe you meant to write Lynching and in your haste to throw out an opinion you forgot to think it through?