I hate that Cam Newton is so inconsistent


We did a story yesterday about the ESPN report that among 26 “NFL insiders” (GMs, coordinators, head coaches), Cam Newton is viewed as just an average quarterback. They were all asked to rate quarterbacks on a scale of 1-5 (one for the best and five for the worst) and Newton ended up in the third tier. Well now we have a little bit of clarity about why the Carolina Panthers quarterback isn’t viewed in the same light by the insiders as he may be by some fans.

One head coach reportedly told Mike Sando, who did the piece, that Cam Newton is, “a little bit like Ben Roethlisberger in that he is so physical. But he is so inconsistent. I would say that he is a three. Some days, he’s a one. Some days, he’s a five.”

At this point, that criticism is very fair. Cam was excellent against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, completing 68% of his passes at nearly eight yards an attempt and had three touchdown passes versus zero interceptions. He outdueled Tom Brady, a Hall of Fame quarterback.

The next week at Miami, he was horrendous, completing 50% of his passes at 4.58 yards per attempt. The Panthers still won that game, but mainly because Carolina’s defense shut down the Dolphins in the red zone.

Simply put, if Newton is going to be an upper echelon quarterback, he’s going to have to be more consistent game to game.

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