Rankings find Matt Schaub to be overpaid and in bottom tier of starting quarterbacks


When the Oakland Raiders take the field in 2014, they will be led by a new face on offense. After the Terrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin experiment failed last season, the Raiders went out and traded for Matt Schaub then drafted Derek Carr during the offseason. Even though Carr has had a good offseason, the Raiders have said they want to let him sit a year and have repeatedly stated that Schaub is the starter.

With that in mind, Schaub was evaluated by ESPN and OverTheCap.com evaluating where he sits in the NFL with regards to quality of play as a quarterback as well as value of his contract. In both cases, Schaub was found to be in the bottom quarter of the NFL. He was ranked as the 25th best quarterback in the league by ESPN and Over the Cap rated his salary as the 16th best in the league.

By that standard, Schaub is being overpaid and finds himself in the bottom quarter of the league as far as quality of play goes. Coming off of the worst season of his career, many wonder whether or not Schaub has anything left. By most appearances, Schaub still has the physical skill set, but his ability to excel on the mental side of things is in serious question. Many of Schaub’s issues in 2013 came when he made mental errors. Often this was do to being rushed in the pocket thanks to poor line play, but the bad decisions were very bad and it often seemed like things were snowballing for Schaub.

By the time he was benched in Houston there was really no coming back from the precipitous downfall he experienced. The fan base had turned on him and the coaching staff was clearly no longer confident in him either. But just one year removed from being the leader of what was considered one of the best teams in the NFL, Schaub’s fall from grace was rather confusing and many, including myself, are not sure it was anything more than an aberration. Unlike at the running back position where the fall from grace is often sudden and without warning, quarterbacks tend to go downhill on a more level pace. Schaub may very well be done, but there is legitimate reason to think he may still have a few good years left in the tank.


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