Seattle Seahawks deemed “contender” that won’t make NFL playoffs in 2014


One of the great things about the NFL is that nearly every team can make a case for the upcoming season being “their year.” That’s because every campaign sees plenty of worst-to-first turnarounds, where non-playoff teams from the year before suddenly find themselves in postseason contention down the stretch.

Conversely, that also means that there are plenty of franchise that go into a season with playoff aspirations that fail to meet those expectations. Atlanta and Houston are two prime examples from 2013. Nearly every year, half of the teams who made the postseason the year before find themselves on the outside looking in when the NFL’s tournament commences again.

Thus, there are certainly going to be plenty of franchises who find 2014 to be disappointing. Right now, they consider themselves contenders, viable candidates to make the playoffs, win a game or two and perhaps even make a Super Bowl run. But when the dust settles on their 16-game odyssey, they’ll have come up short of their dreams for one reason or another.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the teams most likely to fall into that category in 2014. To see the 10 NFL “contenders” that won’t make the playoffs this season, CLICK HERE.

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  • Deemed.. by who some no name writter?!?

    Lol what stunning insights. Just because you wish something to happen a certain way does not make it so. The writer lists the lamest reasons for why the Hawks will not make the playoffs. back your writing up with facts not conjecture.

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    Go Hawks!

  • Over Easy

    Clearly, San Fran or should I say Santa Clara with their super duper new high tech stadium, without parking, is the class of the Western Conference. On paper they look tigerish. Their soft under belly and most critical weakness is James “I Prefer Whining to Coaching” Harbaugh. This dude is a high cost, over-produced distraction and without a doubt no mastermind.
    San Fran’er since ’57