The stunning intensity of Seahawks rookie Cassius Marsh


If you ask people who know, the word you’ll hear the most to describe Seahawks 4th round pick Cassius Marsh is “intense.”

And with good reason. Watch his highlight videos and the first thing that will jump out at you is his raw intensity – or what hacks who host the NFL Draft love to call a high motor. Everything that we’ve heard about Marsh so far indicates a good fit for a player hoping to find a spot for himself on the best, most intense defense in the league.

Let’s look at what else he has going for him.

Marsh trains in MMA (“mixed martial arts” for those that may not know). He is learning how to better use his hands, which is an invaluable skill for players in the trenches. His martial arts training will help him learn to use his opponents weight against them and how to gain and capitalize on leverage. This kind of training can be an incredible advantage when battling someone 30-40 pounds heavier than you.

Marsh is also incredibly versatile. While at UCLA he played all positions on the line in both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. This means that, for the Seahawks, he could spell pass rushers on the outside and also be a situational pass rusher inside. He can play outside linebacker as well; he does a good job of setting the edge on runs and contesting blocking tight ends. This means that if someone, hell damn near ANYONE in the front seven gets hurt or needs a break for a few snaps Marsh can step in and play well.


That is a very “Seahawk-y” set of skills. Versatile, intense, uniquely skilled, and confident. I’m willing to bet that Marsh makes the team after an impressive preseason and contributes as a situational player as well as on special teams. Here’s to one more piece working toward a Re-Pete.

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