Top five must see home games for the Oakland Raiders

Raiders fans entering Oakland Coliseum

If you have never been to an Oakland Raiders home game, that is something you need to rectify as soon as humanly possible. While watching NFL games on TV often provides a better view of the play, nothing can replicate the energy in the Oakland Coliseum when the Raider Nation takes over.

Even during seasons as painful as the past two, Raiders fans come en mass and are just as loud and enthusiastic as they are in the good years. There are fewer at the games than when the team was good, but that does not stop them from being boisterous and filling the stadium with energy at every home game. Raiders fans still come decked out in black, some in costume while others simply wearing Raiders gear, but seldom will you find someone without Raiders related clothing on.

If you have not yet experienced the insanity that is a Raiders home game, here is a look at the five best home games in 2014 that you should consider making your first ever game.

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