Top Five: Reasons for Houston Texans fans to be optimistic


In this week’s edition of “Top Five,” we will have a look at the five reasons why the Houston Texans fans should believe that their team can excite them this season.

There is a new coaching staff, a new starting quarterback and of course, a new season to turn things around. Here are the five reasons fans should be excited.

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  • Florence

    “Top Five: Reasons for Houston Texans fans to be optimistic” There is only reason to be in any way optimistic, and that is that the Mental Midget From Humble and his underachieving cancer is 1500 miles away from this city and this team and is now infecting Baltimore. On the flipside, the other half of the 8 year travesty, Rick Smith, is inexplicably still here as the other half of the malignant tumor that was the duo of ‘The Denver Rejects.” Only a ‘Houston’ owner like resident Brain Surgeon Bob McNair would fire a coach and his entire staff responsible for 8 years of submediocrity, and leave the GM in place…Priceless. Adams, McNair, Dr