At least D.J. Hayden is no Dion Jordan


Many fans of the Oakland Raiders are frustrated by former first round draft pick D.J. Hayden. After watching their team struggle and going without a first round draft pick the previous year, the Raiders felt they were poised to grab a guy who would be a difference maker for the team. They had the number three pick in the draft and were able to pick among a huge number of good players.

In the end, the Raiders chose to trade back with the Miami Dolphins to the number 12 spot where they drafted Hayden. At the time, many felt like the Raiders had reached while also passing on a number of players who would have made a big difference for the team. Rather than being lauded for the choice as he was with Khalil Mack, general manager Reggie McKenzie took a lot of heat for drafting such a risky player.

Since then, Hayden has only brought more questions. Unable to stay healthy and with some pretty terrible performances under his belt when he was healthy, some are already considering using the bust label. But at the same time, he also showed some real skill and if he can put things together, he can definitely be a starting corner in the NFL even if not living up to his draft status.

But as bad as the Hayden experience has been, the guy the Dolphins traded up to get, Dion Jordan, has been worse. Jordan was unable to secure a starting job and despite being drafted as a pass rushing specialist, was only able to log two sacks as a rookie. During the offseason there was already talk of the Dolphins trying to trade Jordan. Now, the team has announced that Jordan will miss the first four games of 2014 due to a substance abuse violation.

The Raiders may not be very happy with how things have played out so far when it comes to their 2013 first round draft pick, but at the very least they can be happy they didn’t trade up to get Dion Jordan.

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