Earl Thomas irked by his NFL top 100 ranking


In case you haven’t heard by now, the Seattle Seahawks have a chip on their shoulder.

Despite winning the Super bowl by 35 points this team is determined to prove all of their doubters wrong (and there are a lot of doubters out there.) NFL Live doesn’t think the Seahawks will make the playoffs in 2014. cover32 agrees. It seems like no matter what Seattle does it’s not enough to impress some people. That’s why they are still hungry.

Even when they are given accolades, sometimes it’s not enough. This week free safety Earl Thomas was disappointed by his NFL Top 100 ranking. Thomas was ranked the top safety and number 17 overall, up from 66 last year. If you thought that Thomas would be happy with that, you’d be wrong.

He also took to Instagram to gripe about the low overall rankings for those playing the safety position:

No respect for the most important position on defense ..the generals #GRIT

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Thomas certainly has a point about safeties being undervalued: he was the most important cog in the best defense in the NFL last year, but the average fan doesn’t seem to have any real appreciation for how much he does. Still, number 17 overall isn’t too bad. Maybe he’s being a little too harsh?

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  • hoder

    Players voted him 17th overall not fans