Holy crap, the NFL Network’s Top 100 actually did Robert Quinn justice


The NFL Network’s Top 100 list recently unveiled nos. 20-11 of the 100 “best” players in the league. Rams defensive stud Robert Quinn checked in at no. 13.

I’m shocked – in a good way.

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The reason is that the NFL Top 100 is a completely flawed exercise that relies solely on players’ ballots. Only about a quarter of the NFL’s players vote in the process, and there tends to be a heavy bias toward guys who make the postseason. Hence Jacoby Jones being ranked ahead of Percy Harvin last year.

The whole exercise of ranking the top 100 players is really just a way for the NFL and the NFL Network to fill programming in the dog days of the offseason. Unlike a lot of people, like this, this and this, I try not to get worked up at this list.

I naturally expected Quinn to get snubbed since he plays for one of the most insignificant NFL markets and didn’t make the postseason last year. But Quinn’s incredible 19-sack season transcended those limitations. Just another honor for one of the best pass-rushers in the game.



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  • Orester A Cox

    Well this year, the Rams are going to kick the NFL’s entire Ass this year, and all the experts and critics will be silenced!