I Hate: The ridiculous Romo theories


Dallas, TX- It’s time once again to talk about the Cowboys continuos much scrutinized quarterback; Tony Romo. This week we have heard people once again make stories out of non-stories and question where Romo ranks amongst his peers in the NFL and even have some stupidity quotes brought to us apparently by “NFL Insiders”.

There a few things that really get us boiling over here, but one of those things is when we have to keep re-hashing the same old garbage that is recycled daily throughout most of the National Media’s mouth. Even our friends over at Blogging The Boys agreed when they published a story on the National Media this week.

Let’s get right to it shall we:

– Tony Romo gives up golf to stay focused on football

What a giant turd this article has turned out to be. Fans seem to want to always point the finger at Romo for playing golf in the offseason, as it apparently interferes with his football time.

Romo has never missed one practice because of golf and has never chosen golf over football when it has mattered most. It is safe to say that Romo is giving up golf right now because he doesn’t really have much time to play with Training Camp about to begin and his second child being born.

However you want to look at it, the one thing is clear is that this is such a non-story created because someone was bored. Golf has never been an issue and any true follower of “America’s Team” knows that, so we lay this story to rest and flush this turd once and for all.


– Tony Romo isn’t clutch enough

This is also another example of stupidity, the word clutch should not be a sports term. It should stay with the lore of the automobile industry. For arguments sake though you have a quarterback who has a rating that has never dipped under 90 and in the eight games lost last year only threw a combined 3 interceptions and you still want to say it’s his fault. Not to mention the “NFL Insiders” who claim to have spoken with a coach who had this to say:

“Romo is 34 years old and coming off back surgery, but he still could be in line for a “monster” season, one evaluator said. “But I absolutely believe they will not win big with him. As soon as he decides it’s a clutch moment, his brain goes elsewhere. He loses focus and tries to create something.”

And these same “insiders” also said this asinine comment:

“[Joe] Flacco would be a guy that you probably either love him or hate him because he’s a big guy, probably not the most mobile guy, and he’s kind of got the droopy face, kind of like the Jay Cutler face, where it always looks like things are bad,” an offensive coordinator said.

Once again this is all a matter of one’s opinion but it still makes the “I Hate” list for the week. Tony often has to make things happen because he’s forced to do so.

Romo just now had his first running-back gain over 1,000 yards and over the years has been looked at to carry the team for their “blinding” deficiencies on defense and questionable contributors on all sides of the ball.

These folks put Romo as the 8th ranked QB when it was all said and done which is about an accurate placement.

Nonetheless I wish folks could start actually backing up their comments with facts and statistics instead of the same-old spoon-fed garbage that has been recycled throughout the National Media’s perspective for years now.

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