LeSean McCoy talking a big game about the 2014 Eagles


The summer of LeSean McCoy has seen him make “shady” comments. McCoy certainly has kept the Philadelphia Eagles in the spotlight throughout the offseason, but is he doing more harm than good?

The summer started off with McCoy proclaiming himself the best back in the NFL, then getting in a small “battle of words” with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. McCoy wasn’t too coy with his remarks stating “look at the numbers”. He justified his statements towards Peterson by saying “As a back, I do everything — running, blocking, as a third-down back in and out. There’s nothing that I can’t do. The last three years, I don’t feel there’s a back who’s more productive.”

He followed it up by going after Peterson. “Ask my man in Minnesota,” McCoy said. “Check the numbers. Especially the last two years, to be sure. Check those numbers.”

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Mccoy admitted that the release of former WR Desean Jackson came as a surprise. Jackson said that he got along with his teammates, and even with McCoy “I was his teammate, and we connected very well off the field” said McCoy to Phillymag.com “What I did see of DeSean was just we hung out off the field, on the field, we talked, we texted. So when you say he didn’t bond with the team, I don’t know what that means because I was a teammate and we bonded.”

He wasn’t afraid to put Jackson in the review mirror and move on. Head Coach Chip Kelly had a way of running the team, and as McCoy put it, “he didn’t buy in”. It might be time for McCoy to keep quiet. His game on the field put him in the spotlight as he finished the season as the league’s leading rusher with 1607 yards.

Speaking at an award ceremony where he won the Wanamaker Award, McCoy jokingly said “I’m wondering if I get 2,000 yards, can I win it next year?”

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At the same ceremony, NJ.com caught McCoy commenting on Foles on this past season and what we might see this upcoming season. “He’s playing lights-out even in camp, but he still wants to be at a higher level. He’s at that peak where people know him like, ‘Man, this Foles, is he that good?’ Because you see the stats, you see the numbers. I think this is the year he blows ‘em out like, ‘Yeah, I’m Nick Foles. I’m Philadelphia’s quarterback. I’m the guy.’ And this is the year he blows it away.”

This has the feel of “Dream Team 2.0”. 2011 was supposed to be “the year” in former quarterback Vince Young’s eyes, bringing in the likes of Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins and lastly, Young himself. The team was littered with talent, including players on the roster at the time in Mike Vick, McCoy, Jackson, Dominique-Rodger Cromartie and Asante Samuel.

The team went 8-8 and missed the playoffs.

This 2014 Eagles roster may not have as much talent on paper, but are McCoy’s comments putting pressure on the team to perform? In 13 games last season, Nick Foles passed for just under 2,900 yards and 27 touchdowns, led the team to a 10-6 record, a NFC East title and a playoff appearance. Yes, he was efficient but there is still room to grow.

Foles escaping pressure


For McCoy, 2,000 yards may be tough, but impossible to obtain. While McCoy is an extraordinary talent, in an offense that features a rising star at QB and the creative mind of Kelly coaching the team, McCoy may be in line for 2,000 all-purpose yards instead.

With no Lane Johnson for the first four weeks, the team won’t be playing at full strength on the offensive line, thus making it a little more difficult for McCoy to start the season off right.

It’s unknown how far this team can go, but the comments made by McCoy are setting this offense up to perform at another level. Yes, the offense has the tools to perform, but to what extent? Will the Philadelphia fans be shooting for unrealistic expectations? These comments might be planting the seeds for a new “Dream Team.”

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