Manziel and Gordon might need some babysitting


Though there was a rash of suspensions handed out today to NFL players for breaking the various drug rules, Josh Gordon’s season is still in the dark. Apparently his judgement won’t be handed down until the end of this month and since it seems likely he will be suspended for a full season, the longer it takes for the ruling, the later in 2015 before he can rejoin the team. I suppose the hope is that he isn’t suspended at all or at least only for a few games but it’s hard to be super optimistic.

Gordon is a superstar talent coming off an incredible season but because of some bonehead off field decisions, the Browns will likely be without their number one receiver for the entire season. Bum deal but that’s life. Perhaps this new regime is learning to draft character guys as well as talent so they aren’t wasting draft picks on air heads who somehow just can’t live without weed.

It must be tough for the young players on the team to act the right way and be smart on and off the field when they have in their faces on a daily basis the news of Manziel’s partying and Gordon’s stupidity. I just hope the Browns have enough veteran presence to counteract this childishness.

Okay, so these are still young adults…heck that may be pushing it. Maybe they should still be labeled as kids but if a kid can make millions of dollars, he certainly should be able to make grown up, big boy decisions and keep his private life clean, legal and uncontroversial. Maybe it’s easy for me to say that because I’m not in their situation and I don’t have millions of dollars at my disposal but as a fan who helps pay them their ridiculous salary, I think I have some right to judge them.

Though 97% of the Browns team act properly and like adult, mature men, the few who don’t are sadly the ones constantly in the news and making headlines. I just have one simple favor to ask of them.

Grow up.

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