VIDEO: Russell Wilson grabs free stuff because he can


Seahawks quarterback Rusell Wilson has earned a reputation as being a bit of a dry personality. When he’s interviewed Wilson always trots out boilerplate answers that we’ve all heard a thousand times from pro athletes over the years.

We’re just trying to focus on winning championships. Our team looks really hugry. All I care about is football.

And so on and so on. Wilson does it so much that John Moffitt once famously wondered if Russell Wilson is in fact a robot. Well as it turns out Mr. Wilson in fact does have a sense of humor. A couple days ago he posted this video to his Instagram account wherein he runs around taking other people’s golf mats, because, well, he’s Russell Wilson.

#MayIUse Must Watch!!

A video posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

Well played. Happy fourth of July!

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