What will the Ravens do at RB?


​Throughout the offseason thus far we have pointed out the issue of Ray Rices’ mishap in Atlantic City, and also rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro’s  run in with the law. Also, backup running back Bernard Pierce went under the scope due to an injury.  It appears all three backs have something to prove this year — if they get the opportunity to do so.

​Make no mistake about it: Ray Rice is still the Ravens lead back.  But, he will likely face a suspension, which will put him out for a handful of games. If that’s the case, Pierce should be next in line to take the majority of the carries when Rice is out. The third spot should be interesting. 

Journeyman, Justin Forsett, played for the Jaguars last year, but has not been a household name.  However, he has been a solid player for many teams. Forsett and Taliaferro will likely both be rostered due to Kubiak’s presence, but if it comes to it, it will be interesting to see which makes the cut.

​Regardless of what happens, I expect Rice to be the guy the Ravens hand the ball too. He knows, more than anybody that he has to come back with a vengeance because of the stain on his image. He has been working to do so by losing weight to get fresh for the season, taking care of legal matters and apologizing to his teammates and fans. I wouldn’t count out Pierce as he has shown he can be just as reliable in the backfield, if the need be.

At the end of the day, all four backs could be the one to seize the job.


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