Brandon Flowers calls himself best cornerback in the… LOL!


During an appearance on NFL Network recently, Brandon Flowers called himself the best cornerback in the… LOL. I can’t. I just can’t.

Where do people come up with these things? I can’t even report this with a straight face. I’ll try to pull it together though for the sake of content. The content. The sacred content. Alright, so here’s what Flowers actually said on the air last week:

Oh, first off, let me just say I’m the best corner in football. Let’s get that clear. Don’t let my injuries last year fool you, or take my name from the top list.”

Flowers just signed with the Chargers after playing six seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. To clarify, his name never was on the top list. At all.

What is it about playing cornerback in the NFL? Is irrational confidence is a prerequisite for the position? Do NFL front offices ask if they suffer from delusions of grandeur when they come in for interviews?

“Do you believe you are the second coming of Christ?”


“That’s the spirit! We think you’ve got a future at cornerback.”

All of them seem completely convinced that they are the best cornerback to ever walk the face of the earth even when they’re not particularly good. There is something to be said for self awareness, you know. Just once I’d like to hear a cornerback come out and announce that he’s definitely one of the top 25 cornerbacks in the league. That kind of candor would be so refreshing.

Anyway, for poo and chuckles let’s look at his 2013 numbers against the other elite corners in the league, courtesy of our friends over at cover32 Chargers:

Brandon Flowers thinks he is the best cornerback in football  but is he    San Diego Chargers

So if we go by last season’s numbers he’s not even half the cornerback that Sherman is, but to be fair he was playing hurt, so let’s go back and see how he did in 2012:


Come to think of it, I’m not even sure that Flowers is the best corner in the AFC West, but thanks for playing.


Who do you think is the best cornerback in the NFL?

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  • GThomas

    If you had bothered to actually watch the video on, you would have seen Brandon said this tongue-in-cheek, and it was taken that way by the interviewers, with laughs all around. Nice try.