Darrelle Revis is more than happy to be a New England Patriot


As I wrote last week, the best thing that happened to the Patriots this offseason was signing Darrelle Revis, and apparently, the feeling was mutual.

“I’m really excited,” Revis told the Tampa Tribune. “I went down a list of teams where I thought I could win and New England kind of stuck out for me. It’s been great and I can’t wait for training camp.”

He is coming off of a year in which the Buccaneers went 4-12 and faced about as much dysfunction as any team in the NFL not named the Miami Dolphins. Now, he’s on one of the best teams in the NFL, and the only thing he really misses about Tampa is the “weather.”

“They work their butts off in New England,” Revis said. “As soon as you get into the offseason program, it’s non-stop. They want to be winners. They know what I can bring to the table and at the same time, we want to win. As a Jet, we had a rivalry with [the Patriots] and from the outside looking in, I looked at them differently. We respected them, but you want to beat them. Inside looking out now, I’ve got way more respect because I’m here. I get to see everything, how it operates every day.”

Not to mention the fact that he now gets to play under Bill Belichick, as opposed to Greg Schiano.

“Every coach has their own philosophy and coaching style. It could work, it could not work. It didn’t and we went 4-12,” Revis said of Schiano. “The result is 4-12. That’s what you get. It’s already spoken what happened. A lot of us got fired.”

Well I can tell you for an absolute certainty that Revis won’t be fired again. As long as he wants to stay in New England, he’ll be here.

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