DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller will be “double trouble” for Denver Broncos opponents

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When the Denver Broncos signed DeMarcus Ware one day after he hit the free agent market, Broncos Country collectively jumped for joy. It was another free agent home run knocked out of the park by John Elway.

DeMarcus Ware is a future Hall of Famer, with a knack for the sack. His 119 career sacks rank 18th on the all time list. He’s 32 years old, so he will most likely be scaling higher into history.

And now he’s on the same defense as Von Miller, who also has a propensity for pressuring the quarterback. His 30 sacks in his first two seasons are tied for the third most all time.

When Ware was signed, he was all Broncos fans were talking about. It was a natural reaction to get hyped up about the arrival of a pass rusher of his pedigree.

But I’m particularly giddy about the prospect of Ware lining up along side Miller, and the double trouble they will cause opposing offensive lines.

Ware alone is a proven pass rusher. So is Miller. He had an off year last season, yes. That’s what a six game suspension and a torn ACL will do. But if Miller can return to Pro Bowl form, and if Ware can continue to produce on an elite level, there is no question the Broncos pass rush will improve.

Last season, the Broncos ranked 13th in the league with 41 sacks. Decent, but they had no beastly pass-rushers in their defensive fold. That was apparent in the stats. In 2012, when the Broncos had both Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller, they were tied for first in the league with 52 sacks. Game changers change games, and Dumervil and Miller did just that. Miller had 18.5 sacks. Dumervil had 11. They were consistently caving the pocket.

But Elvis left the building last off-season, much to the chagrin of Broncos fans everywhere. But turn that frown upside down Broncos country. With the money they saved by not signing Dumervil following fax gate, they were able to afford Ware one year later. Dumervil was about to sign a deal that would have paid him around 8 million bucks in 2013. Ware will cost $9.6 million for the Broncos in 2014.

I really think it’s the duel threat that will make Ware and Miller so dangerous. Two beasts coming off both edges will give most offensive coordinators massive headaches. You can’t double-team both of them right? Offenses will have to pick their poison.

Broncos fans are hoping for a more venomous D in 2014. The defense lacked bite last year. A more potent, lethal attack will be welcomed.

If Ware and Miller can stay healthy and stay unsuspended, it will be interesting to witness what havoc they will wreak.

Opposing offenses will be in trouble, because they won’t know whom to double. The Broncos don’t want their season to end in rubble. Miller and Ware should help prevent another burst of the Super Bowl bubble.

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  • Dotty

    Zach, do you think this is enough to get the Broncos defense to the Elite level or do we have short-comings at other positions that should be addressed as well?