Pro Football talk trolls the Dolphins ranking them 31st in power rankings


It’s July 7th meaning sites are starting to put out their way too early preseason power rankings. PFF decided to put everyone’s favorite punching bag the Miami Dolphins at 31st.

The article is below.

While being down on the Dolphins is certainly understandable having them as the second worst team in the NFL is just lazy. The Dolphins who with 2 games remaining in the season last year were in a wildcard playoff position have a fairly similar roster making cleaning up more holes this off-season than creating them.

It’s not hard to find ways to challenge this organization but this team is closer to being in the top 15-20 then it is to being the 2nd to worst team in the league.



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  • jerry sosner

    i love when these so called know it alls pick, it makes it better when we can prove them wrong, i just hope they don’t get paid for what they do their all Ray Romano’s just plain dumb.