Quotable Monday: A.J. McCarron’s “Rookie Confessional”


Yesterday, Bengals.com posted a “Rookie Confessional” for the recently drafted quarterback, A.J. McCarron.

While the interview was free of any note worthy “confessions,” McCarron did mention a stat that I found interesting,

“I’ve thrown 24 interceptions throughout my whole high school and college career.”

To put that in perspective, last season, Eli Manning threw 27. In fact, 86 past and present NFL quarterbacks have thrown 24 or more interceptions in a single season. On that list of 86 you’ll find names like Farve, Bradshaw, Namath, Unitas, and Manning (Payton). All elite quarterbacks, in their own right.

Yes, high school/college backs are on a completely different level from those in the NFL, but still, that few interceptions in unprecedented. So the question becomes – will McCarron continue to still have the same level of success when he starts to play games at the next level.

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