Quotable Monday: Is Bill Belichick tough enough?


“Toughest coach I’ve ever played for? I don’t know, maybe I should say Bill [Belichick] because then he might feel better and think he’s tougher on us. I might get in trouble but I’m gonna go with Coach [Greg] Schiano.”

-Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty

I’m not sure if this is a negative or a positive comment, but it’s definitely a great one. I doubt there are many in this world who would give Schiano the upper hand in a battle against Belichick, but I guess he does have “toughness” going for him.

Over the last two season, Schiano made himself famous for running a ruthlessly tough ship in Tampa Bay. So tough, in fact, that, among other things, it led to his ousting earlier this offseason.

“[Schiano’s] more of a yeller and a screamer,” McCourty said. “He’ll get right in your face. Bill’s more sarcastic. Both can be pretty brutal, but I’m gonna go with coach Schiano.”

McCourty played cornerback at Rutgers under Schiano, and since being drafted by the Patriots in the first round, he has made the transition from cornerback to safety. A move he feels gives him much more power.

“I have more control,” he said. “I always tell corners that now if they get on my nerves, I can make their jobs a lot harder. So they always gotta make sure I’m their best friend out there.”

Maybe Belichick should learn a little bit about being tough from McCourty? Or not. It seems he’s got the hang of this whole coaching thing.

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