Quotable Monday: Josh Gordon’s life is at stake


At the news of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon’s arrest for DWI, many feelings passed through my being. Sadness. Loss of hope. Anger. But ex-Brown (and Gordon’s teammate the past two years) D’Qwell Jackson took it even farther:

“If you’re close to Josh Gordon please help this kid, it’s not about football anymore it’s about picking up the pieces of his life.”


Yes, this DWI arrest, in combination with his failed drug test in May, almost certainly means that Gordon will not step onto the field in 2014. In fact, it’s even possible that he will never catch another pass for the Browns. Our disappointment is very much from a “selfish” fan base perspective, and the only reason we’re bummed out about this news is because it hurts our football team.

But Jackson’s comment goes a step deeper. Put aside the game of football for a second. Josh Gordon’s life is at stake, and he has most of it ahead of him. He seems to be throwing it away, and that’s the most disappointing thing of all.
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