Stats prove Russell Wilson is already an elite quarterback


Now this next part might upset some of you because it can be construed as insulting to our wide receiver corps, but at the same time it demonstrates just how great Mr. Wilson is. (I love you, Doug. Please don’t hurt me.) Danny Kelly of Field Gulls recently ranked the top wide receiver groups in the NFL on SB Nation as follows:

1. Denver Broncos

2. Indianapolis Colts

3. Green Bay Packers

4. San Franciso 49ers

5. Washington Redskins

6. New Orleans Saints

Seattle’s receivers ranked in the middle of Kelly’s list. Meanwhile, cover32 ranked them all the way down at number 26. Depending on who you ask the Seahawks wide receivers are either pedestrian or below average. This reputation is unfounded, but you won’t find anybody arguing that they’re more talented than the receivers in New Orleans, Green Bay or Denver.

What does it all mean? For the last two seasons Wilson has put up comparable passer rating numbers with the three best quarterbacks in the world despite having poorer pass protection than two of the three and less viable targets than all of them.

I’m not saying that Wilson is better than Brees, Rodgers or Manning. All I’m saying is that when you take a holistic view of the tools he’s been given and the passing numbers he’s put up thus far (to say nothing of his superior rushing ability) he has earned the right to be mentioned with the elites.

So the next time you hear a drunken football fan claiming that Wilson is overrated, or he’s too short, or he wants to see him do it again, or his running game did everything, or the defense was the whole reason they won the Super bowl anyway, put a finger to their lips, and whisper this:




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  • YankinTa

    That’s a nice article,, FINALLY,, 🙂 But you still missed the point when it comes to playing against Tough Defenses. RW has BY FAR faced the Toughest Defenses in his first 2 Seasons compared to any other QB in the League. Luck played against top 5 Easiest Schedule each of his first 2 seasons.

    When people start considering the combination of facts that he had Worst O-Line and had below average WR group and faced the NFL’s Toughest Schedule, then they’ll get to my level of thinking RW is No.1 Ranked QB in the League today, Aaron Rogers is close second or 1B. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Who said anything about Luck?

      • YankinTa

        I’m saying RW is on a Much Higher level than Luck. 99% of the people think Luck should be ranked higher than RW. I don’t. Having Top 10 O-Line with Top 10 WR group and facing NFL’s easiest schedule,, upcoming season included,,

        RW is Top 2 QB.

        • Anonymous

          Wilson is percieved (by national media) to be on a much better team overall than Luck, so his role is less crucial and therefore his vastly superior stats can be ignored.

          • YankinTa

            Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, Perceptions versus Reality. Most people don’t realize how much better RW is, until they start trusting their own eyes instead of listening to Media and getting brainwashed.

  • Max

    Wilson does it all. He reads defenses well, is an accurate passer, has a very strong arm, can throw on the run (as you just saw), throws well in tight coverage, can run with the ball, is a leader and is control in the huddle, can find other receivers, has a great touchdown to interception ratio. He is the complete package! the critics are idiots.

  • Max

    I forgot to mention, despite his so called height issue, when he has pocket protection, he throws very well from it. We say this in the Super bowl. He can also throw over the middle, no problem. He does it all, and he does it very well.

  • Anonymous

    Even as a rookie he posed a serious threat to win it all. His second season he finished what he started. Whichever of his peers decides to enter the race with him, will they be able to do it while the older regime is in place or do they need those guys to move aside first? Pretty beast, and that’s without a big target and no “revolutionizing” tight-end.

  • jeremy

    I like Russell Wilson and Have since his Badgers days but you are saying if you had a draft pick and were starting a team from scratch you would take Wilson over Luck? I didn’t think so. Wilson is playing well and is on a much better team than Luck is at the moment.

    • James

      Yes, Jeremy…I’D certainly say I pick Wilson over all other aforementioned QBs…the other elites are getting old. The only one I’d place up there with consideration over Wilson, or allow for competition for starting role is Rodgers. Not Breesey, not Manning (for SURE), not Luck, not even my beloved Brady. Wilson is young, exceptionally-talented and proven as stated throughout this article, as well as a SB victory in year 2. I’ve watched all his NFL games including preseason, at least once…and I love all he is as a QB. I’m excited as a 3-decade Seahawks fan to have him on our team more than any other player on the roster. I don’t HONESTLY think I would say the same about any other mentioned, or un-mentioned QB in the NFL right now, other than possibly Rodgers…who I think will also be surpassed by Wilson in the next few years, but that’s just a hunch. Time will tell.

    • YankinTa

      Jeremy, you should really watch all of the Hawks games so far. RW has carried the team to wins against Top Teams in the league, while Luck has been facing the eastiest opponents. YES, I will take RW over luck and it’s not even close.

  • Jake

    He’s a great game manager. He’s not going to be THE reason you won a game, nor is he going to be THE reason you lost.

    • James

      Jake, he has been (THE reason) on occasion already, but it IS RARE that one guy is ever singly responsible for either…how can you say that with such a young career, which Wilson is building as we speak?? You know little, which is next to nothing, about the future…managing or whatever is asked of him at the moment or type of game?…he’s SUPERB at…the guy simply does his job as well as, or better than, all the rest…it’s WHY we are even talking about him so-heavily after only 2 years in the NFL, not just because he happened to be on a team who won their first-ever Super Bowl with him at the helm of QB….arguably the most important position on the field in the game of football. *sigh*