Quotable Monday: Ruston Webster recaps the offseason


Tennessee Titans general manager Ruston Webster sat down with Mike Keith to discuss the offseason.

Below is a transcript of the video, which was posted on Titansonline.com

General Manager Ruston Webster:

On Jake Locker’s health:

“Jake has taken every snap in mini camp with the first team and doing well, pushing through. He has (practiced) consistently. No concern (about his health), none at all.”

On new head coach Ken Whisenhunt throughout the offseason:

“He’s extremely detailed. We’ve enjoyed a really good relationship, talking daily multiple times about the players and the team and the direction that we’re going.”

On the field, everybody’s got to do their job and carry their weight. He asks a lot of our players, expects a lot of our players and they’re responding.

On how the team responded to Whisenhunt’s style and tempo

“Maybe early on (they struggled with the tempo). Maybe the first couple of practices. But they’ve done a good job getting with the program. A lot of expectations in how they practice. Not only in the effort the practice with, but that they’re prepared mentally and not making mistakes.”

He does a good job of calling them up after practice and kind of talking to them about what happened.

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