Buffalo Bills Big Brother- Week 1


Anyone that frequents our site here at cover32 Bills knows that we like to have a little fun. With that said we would like to welcome Celeste Albone to our writing team as she has come up with her own version of the hit show Big Brother that features an all Buffalo Bills cast and will ultimately be determined by you the fans. Each week you will have a say on which Buffalo Bill stays and which one ‘goes home’, so with that being said here is your first installment of Buffalo Bills Big Brother:

16 Houseguests

1. Fred Jackson

2. Aaron Williams

3. Kiko Alonso

4. Doug Marrone

5. Marcell Dareus

6. Brandon Spikes

7. Sammy Watkins

8. Marquise Goodwin

9. Eric Wood

10. Kyle Williams

11. Robert Woods

12. Mario Williams

13. Scott Chandler

14. Dan Carpenter

15. EJ Manuel

16. Jeff Tuel

Upon entrance to the Big Brother house in the summer of 2014 secret alliances were quickly formed before the first Head of Household competition even occurred. The fact that they were teammates didn’t matter anymore. It was each man for himself to make it to the end and get that Big Brother trophy. (like they need to win money in this fictional story)

When Doug Marrone, EJ Manuel and Jeff Tuel found themselves alone Doug approached them about an alliance. He brought up how he had a lot of confidence in their competitiveness and would love to work together. EJ and Jeff agreed and mentioned how he was like a father figure to them. Since Big Brother always has ridiculous alliance names Doug took that and the fact that the Bills wear blue and suggested they be called The Smurfs. Upon agreeing they officially had their alliance.

The most obvious alliance would be The InFredible Cowboys. Fred Jackson and Aaron Williams are boys and almost like family. Kyle Williams pulled Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus aside and said that the d-line had to stick together. He suggested the alliance name of Two Men and a Baby because Marcell still needs some guidance. Mario and Marcell were ok with this and shook on it. Marquise Goodwin rallied up his fellow wide receivers Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods and pointed out that if there are any competitions that require speed they will win every time, hands down. At that, Speed Kills was formed.

Captain Eric Wood grabbed his buddies Scott Chandler and Dan Carpenter. One of the ongoing sayings amongst fans is that Dan looks like Kid Rock. Eric thought that was hilarious so they came up with Kid Rock and The Vets. The last and final alliance came about between Kiko Alonso and Brandon Spikes. Kiko is so affectionately known as The Legend but unfortunately he’s going into the Big Brother house with an injury so he needed to align himself with someone who was strong. Since Brandon is just as much of a beast as Kiko, even though he’s a bit older, he is going to become the new legend so they so obviously named their alliance The Legends.

It wasn’t long before they had their first endurance competition to determine the very first Head of Household (HOH). For the competition everyone had to hold onto a rope with a tiny circle for their feet at the bottom. These ropes were connected to a big wheel and going in a circle. Every so often it would change direction to throw people off balance. Not to mention the down pour of icy cold water that occured every 3 minutes to make them cold and throw off their concentration.

All the bigger guys began dropping like flies once the direction changes started happening. They were just too beefy to be able to hold all their weight up with such a tiny space for their feet. When all was said and done the rodeo King Aaron Williams won the very first HOH competition. Now he would have the responsibility of putting up two people for nomination. And one of them will be sent home.

Being the first HOH makes it sort of easy. You don’t want to ruffle any feathers and no one’s bad side has come out yet so there aren’t really any personal grudges going on in the game. Aaron decides to nominate Doug Marrone and Eric Wood as they were the first two to fall off during the competition. He makes sure to add that he looks forward to the veto competition and seeing if either of them capitalize on the opportunity to save themselves.

The next couple of days go by pretty smoothly. There is some chatter in the house between the nominees and everyone else. The nominees want to see where people’s heads are at as to whom they’d like to see go home. But the game doesn’t really intensify until after the veto competition and ceremony is over and we find out the final nominees.

Aaron talks with Fred up in his HOH room and said that neither Doug or Eric are his targets. That he hopes one of them wins the veto so he can change the nomination without getting any blood on his hands. His real target is Tuel. Freddie doesn’t really understand Aaron’s reasoning but since they’re so close he just goes with it. Aaron just can’t stand how happy Jeff is all the time, and while he’s a great guy outside of the house, he just can’t stand all that happiness in such close quarters.

When it came time for the Veto competition the other three competitors chosen randomly were Fred, Kiko, and Dan. This competition was going to be a memory contest. They were going to be asked questions about where things were in the house. The first person to buzz in and answer correctly would get a point. The first person to get to four points wins. If you buzz in and get the answer wrong, you’re out. Kiko got the first question wrong so he was out immediately. Doug and Fred kept going head to head but in the end Doug was the first one to 4 and he won the power of Veto.

There was really no question on whether or not he was going to use the power on himself. You’re dumb to not take yourself off the block in this game. It seems Aaron was going to get what he wanted. Doug took himself down and Aaron nominated Jeff Tuel in his place.

The real question is… will Aaron ultimately get what he wants in his first chance at being HOH? Who will be voted off this week?

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