Dion Jordan suspension tough to swallow


Dion Jordan was the No. 3 overall draft pick in 2013, but as he battled injury and transitioning to a game where it wasn’t good enough for him to just though his jock out on to the field, the freak athlete  posted just 26 tackles and two sacks in limited playing time as a rookie.

Dion Jordan was facing questions about his size and strength, as many were saying he couldn’t play with his hand down on the ground on first, second down answered those questions at least from a physical standpoint. The “Praying Mantis” recently said he had added 17 pounds of muscle to his frame meaning that he was then not only faster than Cameron Wake, but also bigger. Jordan obviously was seriously committed to impacting quarterbacks and games in 2014, but unfortunately he got a little help in the weight room and he got caught on a banned performance-enhancing substance.

And sure coach Philbin can speak for all of us when he says that “(w)e were disappointed to learn about Dion’s suspension,” as he will be out of the Dolphins first four games and will banned from practicing during that time, but this is not the worst thing in the world Dol-fans.

I don’t like cheaters, and all indications point to Jordan being a cheater, but with that said Jordan wasn’t the only guy in the league on something, and with increased testing we can be sure he wont be on anything anymore. Jordan has accepted responsibility for his actions, because well, he has no other choice, but he will move on from the situation a bigger man. No literally a bigger man.

Jordan said that “during the suspension, I will stay in top shape and will be ready to contribute upon my return.” And this is the silver lining folks. Jordan could have remained an undersized defensive end who could have improved with experience, or maybe he wouldn’t improve, and he would be a top pick who can only run with tight ends and miss the occasional sack (think Colts game). But we don’t need to waste our time talking about the undersized defensive end he could have been, because he’s not that anymore. He built the house, all be it illegally, but he built it and now all he needs to do is maintain it. Jordan now has the size needed to compete with large tackles and engage and shed blockers on running downs. This miracle growth stemming from something other than Miracle Grow came at a cost, but that cost was only four games and his reputation. The Dolphins could have had a slightly improved version of the 2013 Dion Jordan for 16 games, or they could have a filled out freak athlete that looks ready to live up to the hype for 12 games + if Tannehill makes a big third year leap.


I am not saying that Jordan should be pat on the back for breaking the rules, but I am saying that there is a silver lining, and it will come fast and hard off the edge. Jordan is not banned from preseason play, so expect the Inflated Mantis to see a lot of work, and I am expecting that you will like what you see. And well if you don’t, when you want to make your argument for severing ties you can always lead with “he’s a cheater.”

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  • Mike Guittar

    Nice article here! I write for Buffalo’s Cover32 so I check in on our “enemy” every now and then… In reference to this “house” being build and maintained, a guy by the name of Shawne Merriman comes to my mind first. When these guys use any sort of drug to enhance their muscles, even legal substances like creatine, then stop, they set themselves up for lines and lines of injuries as their muscles lose the strength that their body is used to. I for one loved Jordan coming out of Oregon, wasn’t sure he would translate to the NFL, but would have been upset if he was there at 8 and we passed on him. I hope he can find his niche (in the other 14 games that’s not vs the Bills) I think he will be able to figure out the game he can play.

  • Thomas Holmgren

    Thanks man. My point was simply that its hard for a grown man to put on a good twenty pounds, but its hard for a gym rat to loose twenty pounds when he doesn’t intend to. I didn’t express that eloquently though. And yes I understand the potential of increased injuries with foreign substances in the body, and the use of these substances for extended period of times could surely increase the risk of injures if things are unnaturally enlarged and ripped. Leaving creatine alone (since it might kill the livers of some Michelin Men at the gym who are trying to look as big as they think they are in their heads, its not a game changer, or a back breaker, if you don’t mind the pun) all drugs have their dangers, and thats one of the positives for Jordan being tested constantly now, he will be clean. Jordan’s body wasn’t that of roider, it seems like the first time he used PED’s was this summer, as this was the first time his skeleton filled in. You mention Shawne Merriman and his body didn’t change before his suspensions, the man wasn’t putting lights out without help. A much younger Jordan who is a superior athlete to a Merriman who got in trouble deeper into his career, has now been gifted size, something he has never had before, and when on the field opposite Wake I expect opposing hog mollies will fear the Dolphins front four like they never have before. Thanks again for checking it out.