LeSean McCoy really wants you to come to his birthday party


Remember when you were a little kid and you got really, REALLY excited about your birthday party, and you had to make sure that all your friends were coming? Well if you don’t then all you need to do is check out LeSean McCoy‘s twitter feed to remember.

To celebrate his 26th birthday the Eagles running back is having a charity basketball game this weekend. If you haven’t heard about it that’s probably because you haven’t gone within 5,000 square miles of his timeline.

Yesterday McCoy sent out a flurry of tweets telling everybody about the big event.

And just in case the prospect of hanging out with Allen Iverson, Danny Swift and Michael Vick isn’t enough, Shady wants you to know that it’s also his birthday.

Wait a minute wait a minute. I missed that the first seven times you tweeted it. What was the url?

Got it, thanks Shady.

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