Twitter Tuesday: Napolean Kaufman weighs in on PFT rankings


The Oakland Raiders were ranked dead last in the power rankings that began on Monday. Naturally, Raiders fans on Twitter were more than just a little upset at what they saw as a slight to a much improved roster. The Raiders added a boat load of new talent including upgrades at a number of starting positions throughout the roster. There is no question this is a better team and yet despite not being the worst team in 2013, Mike Florio and company felt that the improved roster meant a worse season.

So it is understandable why Raider Nation was upset. So much so that former Raiders running back and current head coach of Bishop O’Dowd high school’s football team, Napolean Kaufman took offense on Twitter.

Kaufman embodies what it means to be a Raider for life. Constantly on Twitter talking Raiders, he follows the team as closely as any former player for the Silver and Black (other than maybe Reggie McKenzie that is). And he takes the right attitude, rather than getting angry he dismisses the rankings as absurd and moves on. It’s always interesting to see where people slot the Raiders in power rankings but at the end of the day none of that really matters. It is nothing more than speculation from an outsider. Worth checking out, not worth putting much weight into.

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  • Walter Spargo

    Pastor Nap is the Raiders team Chaplain.

  • Raider Phil

    I watched Kaufman play, he was as hard of a RB as you could have. My prediction is that the Raiders win their Div. this year (BOLD I know) I hope D Mc can stay healthy the whole year. I would like to see D Allen show a little more enthusiasm on the side lines, maybe not a Pete Carroll, but keep the guys pumped up. He just stands there, sometimes I even wonder if knows what’s going on. Thanks Phil

  • SnB Attack

    Napoleon Kaufman embodies what being a life long Raider is all about. Wish I still had my Kaufman jersey from way back. No need to waste energy on the uneducated and hater sport writers out there that loath the Raiders. We just need to continue to be Raider Nation, the best fans in all of sports history and back our team even during tough seasons. This, however, won’t be another one of those. GO RAIDERS!!