Twitter Tuesday: 'The Savage' vs. ‘Hitner’


It really is such a shame, I used to like Donte Whitner as a player, but I have lost all respect for him as a man after reading his most recent remarks about Buffalo and some important people within our community. If you missed out on the recent battle in the Twittosphere, get caught up with James Kriger’s article here:

If ANY player in the league deliberately called out the Buffalo Bills community, there would be an uprising similar to this. However, this is coming from a player who was drafted by this organization and played well with us, making this war of words more heartfelt and a hitting a little closer to home.

Maybe it’s because Donte wishes he was still in San Francisco, where he had a true chance at championships each season. Now residing in Cleveland, maybe Whitner is sensing some similar feelings of nervousness and doubt heading into next season just as he did in Buffalo. Maybe he wants to stand out in some sort of light in the shadow of Johnny Manziel, like every player who is now on the Browns roster. Whatever the case, you picked a fight with the wrong group, pal.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before a current Bills player would undertake this virtual burden via Twitter, the real question was who it would be. Since he called out Sammy Watkins deliberately with his “Be quiet Sammy” tweet, I thought the young buck might just lash out at the old fart.

But, the humble man wins in Watkin’s mind. Sammy’s reaction, or lack thereof, shows me that he is committed to his craft. He won’t let anyone get him to talk out of turn or shift his focus. I applaud your patience, and can’t wait to see the Whitner and company struggle to contain you in November.

That being said, I didn’t think fellow safety Aaron Williams would take a stab at the has been Whitner. Nonetheless, Williams decided to break the silence with this:

A statement that is undoubtedly true, and not too aggressive by the Savage himself. And then the Whitner ignorance goes all downhill from here:

  If I must, Donte, you’ve made the past two Pro Bowls as a COMPLIMENTARY player with one of the best defenses in football. It’s a lot easier to get noticed when the entire defense is incredible. If you don’t know what I mean, let me exercise my point a bit if you don’t mind. When asked to think about the great players on the San Francisco 49ers defense over the past few seasons these are the names that come to mind: NaVarro Bowman, Patrick Willis, Justin and Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, and Eric Reid. There’s a small possibility that Whitner comes to the mind of die hard football fans, but even that’s a stretch. I guess your popularity level increased tenfold by going out west on a great team, Donte, and Aaron Williams already knows that:

Oh, don’t wory, the fun doesn’t stop here. We know ‘Donte used to Hitner’ won’t let the buck stop here. A little more irritated Whitner responded with :


This retweet in particular really irked me:

I don’t get how stupid a man could be to support a statement like this when the Browns have never even been to a Super Bowl…Good facts, good argument here Whitner. Williams then proceeded with the “stick” measuring contest, posting some good stats on his tackles last season:


And of course, Whitner had something to say:


I am not even going to post the chart that Whitner followed up with, for a couple of reasons. One, I am not going to support his case anymore, and two, the stat compilation is garbage and anyone can make anyone look better than the other depending on the column distribution. But here are the rebuttals from the two.

And the Whitty Whitner responds:

At the end of a firework filled Independence Day on Twitter, the two hard hitting safeties ended their battle of wits with these tweets, assuring no “beef”.



Yeah, they might say there is no beef, but there is a HUGE red circle around November 30th on each of their calendars. When the Browns roll into Orchard Park, there is plenty of beef to be hashed out among these men. I hope that Donte Whitner can feel even a fraction of hate that this community now has for this “wannabe” superstar.

I’m sure Sammy Watkins would like to personally embarrass him all over the stadium after Whitner’s unnecessary remarks. I know that @ajwilliams23 is waiting to do what he does best against the Browns, a little of this:


This is the kind of stuff that makes the off season bearable so let the games begin.

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