A healthy Steven Jackson could make or break the Atlanta Falcons 2014 season


He may be on the back end of his career, but don’t put him past his prime. He may have been the worst Falcon at the rushing attack, but give that title to any back with a notorious offensive line. He may have ended an eight straight 1000 yard season streak with the Rams, but again running behind a better offensive line would have helped. Despite getting older and a hamstring injury that prevented his talent, Steven Jackson is still the answer for the Falcons’ run game.

Jackson may be embarrassed about last year and with the kind of work ethic and determination he has, it will not happen again. Over free agency and the draft one problem has seemed to be resolved. With the addition of Jake Matthews and Jon Asamoah to the O-line, Jackson will be able to improve the run game that he had set out to do when he was signed to the Falcons.

Jackson wants to be on the field, and he wants to play. He doesn’t want to be known as the worst at the rushing attack. You can bet he’s working out and he’s working hard this off-season, only to prove all of the doubters wrong. There are always rumors that Devonta Freeman will eventually take over the starting running back position; key word: eventually. Freeman has a lot to learn and room to develop into a more effective back especially in pass protection. Sure the dirty birds will use him in the rotation, which is smart, and why not train Freeman behind a guy that knows what he’s doing.

For Jackson the younger back will keep him focused and physically sharp. Freeman will push him to battle for the position and who doesn’t like a little healthy competition? Speaking of healthy, Jackson will be ready for the season. He’s recovered from his injury, and he is ready to get back out on the field. With a stronger offensive line you can expect the Falcons to have a more substantial run game this upcoming season. Insert Steven Jackson.

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  • Anonymous

    True, and to the point. Steve J is not done and he’s here to prove it.