Eagles 1 of 11 teams to watch enormous Virginia lineman workout


The defensive linemen for the Philadelphia Eagles have taken a lot of guff over the team’s wild card loss to the New Orleans Saints in January. During the regular season Philly was one of the better run defenses in the NFL (104.3 yards per game – 10th overall), but in that game the Saints thrashed the Eagles for 185 yards on the ground.

When you have a hole on your defensive line one solution is filling it with a very large human being. Perhaps that’s why the Eagles were one of eleven NFL clubs to watch the enormous prospect LaKendrick Ross workout yesterday.

According to Mike Wilkening of Pro Football Talk, the 6’4″ Ross (pictured below) played college ball at the University of Virginia Lynchburg and weighs in at 366 pounds.

LaKendrick Ross

The Bears, Rams, Texans, Raiders, Patriots, 49ers, Falcons, Colts, Cardinals and Chiefs also came to watch. He is eligible to be picked in the supplemental draft on July 11. Other notable players to be taken in the supplemental draft include Josh Gordon.


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