Grades are in, and if John Urschel’s teaching, we failed


The Ravens drafted an offensive lineman in the fifth round.  You know, one of those boneheaded lugs who just stand there and absorb contact all day.  If it weren’t for football, surely his IQ wouldn’t allow him to do much else in society.  Thank goodness he was given that 6-foot-3, 300-pound frame, otherwise, I don’t know what other work he would ever be qualified for…

What’s that?

John Urschel doesn’t fit that mold? Huh?

You say he was published in an astrological science journal for a piece titled, “Instabilities in the Sun-Jupiter-Asteroid Three Body Problem” and graduated in three years with a 4.0, while earning his masters in his fourth?  And he taught calculus in the interim?

Well…  I don’t feel qualified to grade John Urschel at all…

As you can see, John Urschel is a unique product.

Projected long-term to develop at the center position, Urschel’s intellect allows him to process information at hyperspeed.  That is a trait that translates very well to the man standing over the football, who is often tasked with reading and diagnosing.  One could even go as far as saying an NFL defense is similar to an equation, and I challenge anybody to find an NFL lineman more qualified to solve equations.

While he won’t see the field much his rookie year, there is every reason to believe that he could develop into a quality starter in Gary Kubiak’s zone offense.

And if he doesn’t, well, something tells me he won’t have much trouble finding work.

Grade: A+

Because with a 4.0 GPA, anything lower runs the risk of physical confrontation.

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