Raiders stadium news only proves how little we know in this sea of speculation


The Oakland Raiders want a new stadium that much is clear. Beyond that, trying to sift through the information available is akin to trying to sift through rumors at the beginning of free agency. It’s lying season in the stadium fiasco except for the fact that there is not beginning or end to lying season. The fact of the matter is, everything we are hearing is only part of the whole truth. Because of all of the parties involved there may not be a single person on Earth who truly knows every aspect of what is going on.

Even the news last week of the Oakland A’s signed a 10 year lease agreement is not something people can hang their hats on. Not long after the lease was reported to have been approved, there was news that still more approvals were necessary. Of course, along with that comes reports that those extra approvals may not happen. And now, as if that is not enough confusion, comes a report that the Raiders are in negotiations to tear down the Oakland Coliseum by 2018, long before the expiration of the 10 year lease extension. Because you see, even if a lease agreement is reached, everyone who knows anything about contracts will tell you there are often a thousand ways to get out of a contract and if none of those work, you can just break it and pay your way out of it.

So what does all of this news and uncertainty mean for the Raiders and their quest to get a new stadium built? About as much as the thousands of Twitter rumors that dominate the NFL offseason. All of this news is what the players want the public to know, it is all angled much like general managers angle during the offseason. Until there is actual movement with concrete agreements, anything and everything you hear or read about the Raiders and a new stadium is nothing more than rumor and innuendo.

So here is my advice. Do like me and stop caring about the monthly news reports, none of which are reliable.

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