Tanard Jackson's latest suspension likely signals the end of his career


Barely one month after the Washington Redskins brought S Tanard Jackson back after he had been reinstated, and then released by the team, Jackson has allowed his personal demons to derail his NFL career, possibly for good this time.

The NFL announced Jackson has been suspended indefinitely once again because he tested positive for an illegal substance. This, in effect, has brought the curtain down on a career that has never had the chance to develop, and one that, perhaps, could have been a good one as a professional football player.

Indeed we all have our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, but given that the league—and I presume most, if not all, NFL teams—does have some sort of drug counseling and prevention education for players, things like this should almost never happen. Indeed there are incidents where players get caught driving under the influence of alcohol, or are arrested for domestic abuse and other acts of violence; but to be suspended repeatedly for drug use is a clear sign that Jackson does not have the proper support system around him—be it family, friends, teammates, coaches, or whomever. And I’m afraid to even think what may become of him now that he’s probably finished as a professional athlete.

Jackson really needs to step up and be more responsible for his actions and hold himself to a higher standard of accountability. You can say all of the right things, but when you are not doing all of the right things, you’re not moving forward in life and growing as a person.

And while most of the talk regarding professional sports centers on fame, success, lots of money and winning games, the game of life is one that has less complicated rules; yet if we do good for ourselves and be good to ourselves, the rewards life has are greater than any Super Bowl victory.

Let’s hope Tanard Jackson learns and follows this rule….soon.

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