Who is the most underpaid player in the NFL today?


While it is already established that the stats prove Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson is an elite quarterback – and a bargain – another issue looms: Just how underpaid is this guy? Is he the most underpaid quarterback in the NFL?

Is Russell Wilson actually the most underpaid player at any position?

Wilson is still in his rookie contract, so it doesn’t seem far out of the realm of possibilities. He was drafted in the third round (75th overall) of the 2012 draft. His third-round contract paid $2.99 million over four years. That’s some pretty serious peanuts for a guy who became the starter for the Seahawks his rookie year, set the rookie record for passer rating (100), tied the rookie record for touchdowns (26), led his team to the playoffs and defeated the Washington Redskins in the divisional round on the road.



And the world bore witness to what Wilson did last year, his second season – first 4-0 start in the history of the Seahawks, best record in the  NFL (13-3), leading his team to Super Bowl XLVIII, inflicting carnage on the Denver Broncos with a 123.1 passer rating, two touchdowns and no picks in the 43-8 beat-down.

Nathan Jahnke of Pro Football Focus has invented a system for ranking the most overpaid players in the NFL By this calculus, Eli Manning comes out looking like the big slacker. Jahnke also uses the system in reverse for establishing the most underpaid players With Wilson’s high performance and low pay, the system actually does declare Russell Wilson the #1 most underpaid player in the NFL. Congratulations, Russell!

After next season, this will change.

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