Are the Jacksonville Jaguars a top-10 sleeper team to make the 2014 NFL playoffs?


One of the great things about the NFL is that nearly every team can make a case for the upcoming season being “their year.” That’s because every campaign sees plenty of worst-to-first turnarounds, where non-playoff teams from the year before suddenly find themselves in postseason contention down the stretch.

Some of this is nothing more than false hope, summertime bravado that isn’t grounded in reality. But on occasion, with a few select teams, there is truly a reason for optimism. Between building on upon what they started in 2013, as well as shrewd moves during the offseason, several clubs have put themselves in position to make the leap from an also-ran to a contender.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the teams most likely to fall into that category in 2014. To see the 10 NFL sleeper teams that¬†could¬†make the playoffs this season, CLICK HERE.

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