I hate the Jimmy Graham situation


Thanks to the New Orleans brass and Jimmy Graham, Saints fans feel a bit like the child forced into the middle of a messy divorce.

Though the relationship hasn’t become contentious just yet fans are being forced to choose sides. Graham is clearly the second best player on the Saints and is an integral offensive cog, but football is all about the team being more important than the individual.

And thus, we find ourselves in a conundrum.

Discussions regarding payment always make me uncomfortable, and all this bickering over what position Graham plays and how much he should be paid has the feel of airing dirty laundry just to get back at a scorned lover.

I’m sick of people trying to screw each other over to make an extra buck, and in this case I think both Graham and the team are in the wrong. In Graham’s case, you were a basketball player before the Saints brought you in and they turned you into the gamebreaker you are today. They are willing to work out a long-term deal if you would sit down and listen. However, the front office seems to be low-balling Graham and dragging their feet a bit in signing him to the deal he deserves.

Regardless of who’s at fault, the people they’re truly hurting are their fans. Fans don’t have access to the back-room conversations and all we see is mommy and daddy screaming at each other and it makes us sad. So stop, make peace, and play football.

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  • ThisIsDumb

    How are the Saints low balling him if they offered to make him the highest paid tight end in the history of the game?

  • Nick Rothschild

    The issue arises in how Graham benefits the team. He benefits the Saints more akin to a wide receiver than a tight end, and since tight ends historically make quite a bit less than wide receivers making him the highest paid tight end in the history of the game doesn’t necessarily compensate him for his performance.

    • ThisIsDumb

      Except being the “top paid tight end” would put him between Brandon Marshall and Andre Johnson. Seems fair to me.