Robert Griffin III gets his own flavor of gatorade


Even though Robert Griffin III is coming off a subpar season, companies appear to believe he is set to make a notable comeback in the 2014 regular season. Having recently launched his own logo/brand and a signature shoe with Adidas, Gatorade is now hitching itself with RG3 by introducing his image on bottles of the popular sports drink.

Griffin, along with Denver Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning, Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton, and Houston Texans’ DL J.J. Watt, is being cast in the “League of Captains,” a group of football superheroes. This campaign partners Gatorade with DC Comics to increase sales of the sports drink and comic books, obviously. Griffin is being given the moniker “Triiiple Impact,” a nice play on his name, not to mention a worthy description of his skillset as a quarterback.

Look for these bottles on your local grocery store shelves where ever Gatorade is sold in the Washington metropolitan area.




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