First and 10

6. New York Jets (8-8 in 2013)


Ryan just needs some O to go with his D

How on earth did the Jets go 8-8 last year, scoring less than 300 points across a 16-game season? The other four teams in the league that fell into that category went a combined 17-47. That shows just how good New York’s defense is, as Rex Ryan had them playing at a high level once again. So an offseason that saw quarterback Michael Vick, running back Chris Johnson and wide receiver Eric Decker arrive in the Big Apple is reason to be optimistic.

5. Arizona Cardinals (10-6 in 2013)


The league’s best DBs help lead the Cards

They went into CenturyLink Field in Week 16 and beat the Seahawks on their home field; that’s really all anyone needs to know about how good the Cardinals can be. They have a defense that can be suffocating at times and an offense that got better in the second half of the season, as Carson Palmer got comfortable. That 7-2 finish wasn’t a mirage; Arizona is a legit threat to win (yes, win) the NFC West in 2014.


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  1. The Giants will be much better in their run game and offensive line, therefore the pass game should be much improved. The defensive backs this year are improved. The LB and DL are at worse the same, can’t see how one can’t pick them as a much improved team..

  2. Anonymous

    Buccaneers not only have a new look on offense, will also welcome the Tampa 2 with talent all over the field, with Levonte David as the anchor. FIRE THE CANNONS BABY!!!

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